Thursday, August 30, 2012

DIY Makeup brush holder

What you will need:

- 2 pieces of fabric, 12x6 each
- A ribbon
- A piece of corresponding fabric that's 12x3

You can choose different types of fabrics, as long as all the colors correspond with each other!

1) Take one piece of fabric and lay the ribbon wrong side up (I layed it right side up because I wanted it to flip a bit)

2) Place the second piece of fabric right side down, on top of the ribbon.

3) Sew the pieces together, leave a gap on the opposite side of where you kept your ribbon on the lower side.

4) Flip it out.

5) Sew the other shorter piece on the side which the ribbon is facing the wrong side (if your ribbon has a wrong/right side, other wise either side works). Make sure to fold the edges a bit and sew close enough to the edge that you close up the whole that you have.

6) Sew from bottom up the compartments, try to get straight lines and go a bit over the fabric and BACK STICH. This will prevent the compartments from ripping. Measure out the brushes and make them thick/thin so they'll fit, but not slide out easily.

7) And now you're done!!!

This is a perfect project for travel, or a small gift, and it's SUPER QUICK!

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