Sunday, November 4, 2012

On The Go: European Fantasy

When I was coming up with a outfit for my first Speech team tornmament this Saturday, I wanted to make an impression. This being a professional event, I needed to find a way to look put together, chic, yet girly at the same time. I found my self wearing a black blouse with the tie detailing, tucked under a pretty cream pleated skirt and brown tights. I looked unique compared to the other contestants, but still managed to look well qualified and like I knew what I was doing. While most girls were wearing a pencil skirt and a blazer, I was wearing a softer outfit that still got the point across, and I realized something, that over the years, women's style in the work place has changed, onto the crisp boring black, there is not girly feel. I just wanted to bring back that inspiration with the girly touch in my collection! I couldn't help but feel like I was living a European fantasy, no doubt a stereotype, but I always associate these soft girly pieces, complete with pastel colors, collars (peter pan as well, obviously), pleats,bows, and of course pearls with Europe. I can imagine an innocent, yet professional girl, clad in her trench coat with a light dress underneath, running across the street to get to work. So the next time you're looking for dressed up outfit... think the girly way out! And of course, look for the collection for inspiration for your own Classical European Romantic Fantasy.

Flip through the collection below, to see whimsical pieces to inspire your look!

Here are some pieces below that I just love that showcase the girly style I love! Make sure to check these sets out on Polyvore and send them some love!

Italian Inspiration!

The Capitals Of Europe : Prague

Paris .. Paris...


The Tree's Are Filled With Memories [1/05/12]


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Songs of the Moment: September 2012

Live While We're Young- One Direction
Price Tag- Glee Project version
It's Time- Glee Cast
Wipe Your Eyes- Maroon 5

And I've had Alex Goot on repeat, of course :)

Rainbow Eyes

Rainbow eyes are sooo much fun, and a great statement (making it so hard to wear in public).
Although I don't have a step by step picture tutorial, this look is surprisingly super easy!

1) Apply a shimmery gold color all through the lid of your eye. This will be your base, and it will show.
2) Take a purpley blue color and apply it in the crease of your eye. Although this is the contour color, it's going to be blended out a lot, so make sure the edge is pretty dark.
3) Take a darker pink and apply it in the diagonal of your eye so it's touching the blue, but not overlapping. This part can be tricky because it pulls the whole look together, but don't worry, as long as it's in the general area, it can be blended out. 
4) Take a bright minty green and apply it to your tear duct. 
5) Apply a thin line of eyeliner and finish off with mascara!
You're done!!!

If you decide to try out this look, email me the photos at and you could be featured on this post! There's so many variations of this look out there, so be creative!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Songs of the Moment August 2012

In Your Atmosphere Album- Alex Goot
Everybody Talks- Neon Trees
The Four Seasons Spring- Vivaldi
Sweet Sweet Melody- Katie Sky
Superhero- Luke Conard & Landon Austin
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together- Taylor Swift
The Last Song- Tim Halperin
She Sets Me Free- Tim Halperin
Want U Back- Cher Lloyd
Home- Phillip Phillips
All the Right Moves- One Republic
Contagious Chemistry- You Me At Six
Liquid Confidence- You Me At Six

Thursday, August 30, 2012

DIY Makeup brush holder

What you will need:

- 2 pieces of fabric, 12x6 each
- A ribbon
- A piece of corresponding fabric that's 12x3

You can choose different types of fabrics, as long as all the colors correspond with each other!

1) Take one piece of fabric and lay the ribbon wrong side up (I layed it right side up because I wanted it to flip a bit)

2) Place the second piece of fabric right side down, on top of the ribbon.

3) Sew the pieces together, leave a gap on the opposite side of where you kept your ribbon on the lower side.

4) Flip it out.

5) Sew the other shorter piece on the side which the ribbon is facing the wrong side (if your ribbon has a wrong/right side, other wise either side works). Make sure to fold the edges a bit and sew close enough to the edge that you close up the whole that you have.

6) Sew from bottom up the compartments, try to get straight lines and go a bit over the fabric and BACK STICH. This will prevent the compartments from ripping. Measure out the brushes and make them thick/thin so they'll fit, but not slide out easily.

7) And now you're done!!!

This is a perfect project for travel, or a small gift, and it's SUPER QUICK!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School: Fall & Winter Fashion

Ok so this is the first batch in my many back to school/fall and winter fashion posts! I will have a small B2S haul, I don't really do seasonal shopping like that, except for a couple of staples !

      Fall is my favorite season, I love the sweaters, cardigans, boots, jeggings, scarves (of course, but that's an all year round staple for me). I also love the scents, the sweet soft vanilla mixed with cinnamon. Of course it helps that it's my birthday (October 15th!!!). Fall outfits come easy to me, I have so many on my polyvore, and so many personal ideas, it's really an ongoing list!

The first 3 sets are specifically have KEDS in them, that was for a contest, however the outfits in them are very comfy, and easy to wear! Now I do have some sets with skirts and dresses, but there's more with jeans, and leggings! 

1) This one is the perfect B2S first day outfit, it's fashionable, but since it'll still be summer, it's a great transition piece. Now for me, my school is always freezing, so I'm not a huge fan of wearing shorts in school (it's just not worth it) and the weather is getting much cooler in my area so I don't know if this will work, but all the other years, I usually go for shorts on the first day!

Fall Hard for Keds

2) I think these outfits are super cute and very fashionable! Plus they're unique in a way that still works!
Work that runway

Fall Hard for Keds

Messy Bun :)
3) This outfit is another great transition outfit that will work for a good part of september, obviously ditch the beach bag, but other wise it's super cute, and very casual with a pop of color! Orange is the best transition color, especially one in a slightly dark hue than the jacket because it's bright for summer but it's still a popular fall color (pumpkins)!
Beach Babe
3) For this outfit, you can wear it well into fall, however you may want to ditch the bandeau/half tank top thingy for a tank, especially since it will be quite cold! It's a great outfit for a lazy day because these tops are sooo comfy and easy to throw on!
Simplicity Love
4) This is my favorite fall outfit. I love knit oversized sweaters, boots, & jeggings for fall


My Style :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to school series: Small Collective Haul

So I'm not the type of person that does a lot of seasonal shopping, for example a new wardrobe for back to school. But I did go to the mall and I picked up some cute things that I liked!
I bought this super comfy cardigan from Forever 21, it's long and a bit big, so it's great for a lazy day.

Then at Sears, I ended up buying a couple of tops, an oversized sweater, a cropped tee, a leopard printed tank and a cute short sleeved top with back lace detailing.

Then of course I picked up a new pair of jeans from Delia's, Delias has the best jeans, they are so comfy and look awesome. I am planning on picking up a pair of jeggings from there as well.

I also picked up this Roxy hoodie from Marshalls. It's lined with this super soft fabric that I could probably sleep in!

I bought two new bags for the year, a new purple backpack, it fits a ton & perfect for all the textbooks and backpacks I'll have to carry!

I also bought a new purse from Forever 21! It's a bit darker & tanner/brown in real life, but I love it! It fits a couple of notebooks!

As you can see, I didn't buy much, it's just a couple of pieces here and there!