Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Wish list

My Wish list
My Wish list by BooYahIt'sRiya on

1. I love this bag. The color of the bag, which like dark faded purple is my favorite, I love the braids that go around the top and it’s a messenger bag so I was pretty much sold when I first saw it! I’ve been waiting for the Holidays so that I could ask for it and I really hope I get it!
2. The fourth thing I choose is the boots from Piperlime, I love the bow and it’s slouchy look, but unfortunately, I don’t have a Piperlime around me!
3. I love the little butterflies on this ring, and I've been looking for a cute, ring that I can wear everyday, and I've been really attracted to the set of threes, I saw this ring during one of the Nordstorm contests and I really like it!
4. This is a sweater from Delia’s. I love the blue color and the floral LOVE print and the tight waist! I’ve been waiting for this as well because it’s comfy and sweaters are just a must have for the winter!
5. I choose the Urban Decay Naked make-up palette because I have a lot of pop out colors, but not a lot of everyday colors and I’ve head a lot of good things about Urban Decay and their Naked palette has a lot of skin tone colors but it has pink tones as well and the mixture of them would look really nice on me with the browns.
6. I have a Vera Bradley bag already and I love it! It keeps everything organized and it's a great bag to have! I saw this bag when I was answering some questions and instantly got attracted! I love bags with long handles. The bag that I have is a lighter shade of pink and pops out more, so I really like this dark pink shade and the big vibrant colors!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sleeping Beauty With PINK

Sleeping Beauty With PINK
Sleeping Beauty With PINK by BooYahIt'sRiya featuring black tops

I love this set!
It's sooo original!
please don't copy!

Rebecca Minkoff Runway Design Challenge

Rebecca Minkoff Runway Design Challenge
Rebecca Minkoff Runway Design Challenge by BooYahIt'sRiya featuring diamond jewelries

MY story!
I really like this purse, it's unique and perfect for the winter! I designed it because I think it's a great purse and I think that the studs make it chic and the fringes make it indie or geeky :) So retro geek chics out there! YAH BABY!

It does suck that this is only open to people in the US, and over 13, but surprisingly there's so many entries!
I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that I win!
If you vote for me I'll love you!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Styles: Country Style

It's once in a while we all like to get into the country swang!
And usually it's pretty easy!
Whenever I go country, I don't go all the way!
I suggest buying either a printed floral dress, or something plain like the sweater dress I've posted below. Pair it up with a long corduroy jacket, and leather gloves!  But the most important part is leather, brown riding boots, no outfit can be complete without that!
For make-up, I'd do natural eyeshadow and black mascara! Keep it soft and natural!

Celebrity Fashion: How to dress like Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest fashion icon currently.
I really admire her fashion but it isn't always my favorite!
If you would stock up on the following:
~light pastel colors
~Sparkly dresses
~tube dresses
~over sized sweaters
~Riding boots
Her style is very girly and chic, which makes it mature and cute and her dresses are usually colorful and flowing!
Her make up is also done to look natural, and so she's usually glowing!

Jingle Merry Cheer

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift by BooYahIt'sRiya featuring a diane von furstenberg dress

I know I know... I haven't had good sets in a whiille. But I've been really busy.. I've gotta a bunch of groups that I need to handle as well... so if you're interested in moding... lemme know!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Festival of Lights

The Festival of Lights
The Festival of Lights by BooYahIt'sRiya featuring a scoopneck dress

Diwali is called the Festival of lights.
It is one of the most important Indian holidays, and during this time, all the families get together and enjoy lots of food!
We also light candles around the house every day!