Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to school series: DIY Planner

So every year I try a new planner, and none of them work for me for the whole year. Last year I had to use a post it almost everyday to get all the information in.  This year I decided to just make my own planner, I wanted something simple that fits in all my information. I even tried many Iphone apps, but nothing really worked!

So what I did was pick up one of these Staples notebooks for $2. What's good about this is that it comes with a 2 pocket folder in the beginning, where i can keep the other month calendar sheets, as well as paper that I need to bring home.

& I'm using these mini calendar sheets from this year's calendar that I picked up from the Dollar store.
I plan on looking for something like this for 2013 as well, or just printing them out from the computer! This is for due dates, important events, and stuff you need to remember for school!

I'm simply taping the month in the beginning and everyday writing the date and the day and the homework below it. This way I can write as much as I need to, and all the information will be included.

For the next month I would just tape September right after the last entry for August and so and so forth. 

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