Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School: Fall & Winter Fashion

Ok so this is the first batch in my many back to school/fall and winter fashion posts! I will have a small B2S haul, I don't really do seasonal shopping like that, except for a couple of staples !

      Fall is my favorite season, I love the sweaters, cardigans, boots, jeggings, scarves (of course, but that's an all year round staple for me). I also love the scents, the sweet soft vanilla mixed with cinnamon. Of course it helps that it's my birthday (October 15th!!!). Fall outfits come easy to me, I have so many on my polyvore, and so many personal ideas, it's really an ongoing list!

The first 3 sets are specifically have KEDS in them, that was for a contest, however the outfits in them are very comfy, and easy to wear! Now I do have some sets with skirts and dresses, but there's more with jeans, and leggings! 

1) This one is the perfect B2S first day outfit, it's fashionable, but since it'll still be summer, it's a great transition piece. Now for me, my school is always freezing, so I'm not a huge fan of wearing shorts in school (it's just not worth it) and the weather is getting much cooler in my area so I don't know if this will work, but all the other years, I usually go for shorts on the first day!

Fall Hard for Keds

2) I think these outfits are super cute and very fashionable! Plus they're unique in a way that still works!
Work that runway

Fall Hard for Keds

Messy Bun :)
3) This outfit is another great transition outfit that will work for a good part of september, obviously ditch the beach bag, but other wise it's super cute, and very casual with a pop of color! Orange is the best transition color, especially one in a slightly dark hue than the jacket because it's bright for summer but it's still a popular fall color (pumpkins)!
Beach Babe
3) For this outfit, you can wear it well into fall, however you may want to ditch the bandeau/half tank top thingy for a tank, especially since it will be quite cold! It's a great outfit for a lazy day because these tops are sooo comfy and easy to throw on!
Simplicity Love
4) This is my favorite fall outfit. I love knit oversized sweaters, boots, & jeggings for fall


My Style :)

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