Saturday, October 5, 2013

What's On My iPad

I got an Ipad again from school this year! It's such an awesome tool to take notes, and if you use it right can be super useful in class! I've gotten it for my Physics class. A lot of my classes are almost completely online now, and others I can do all my stuff online for. Most of these apps are free, however some of the ones I use for school are not, but they were provided to me by the school.

Dropbox- I use this to transfer files. I also have all of my notes from last year on here, as well as my teachers notes from last year. I also use this to turn in labs to my Physics teacher!
Twitter- For obvious reasons. @booyahitsriya
iBooks- I love downloading books to read in my free time on here.
Notability- This is the app I use to take notes. It's actually really awesome, and I used it last year as well.
Padgram- Instagram is blocked in my school, and I have it on my phone. Padgram is nice because I can still see and like pictures. I've also found a ton of random pictures through the hashtags. 
Pinterest- I love pinning, also it goes super slow in my school, whenever I have extra time at home, I like to go on Pinterest. I use it for this blog as well as my personal one. 
Personal: @riyarshah
Netflix- Netflix is a curse in the disguise of a blessing. I love using it to watch older movies, and sometimes shows too! I just finished One Tree Hill & Once Upon A Time, and they are sooo good! I would definitely recommend them to everyone, One Tree Hill has 9 seasons, and Once Upon a Time has 2, and I believe will begin the 3rd this fall!
Fairway HD- This is a solitaire golf game! I love it! This is not the full version, but I have the full version on my phone. It's so addicting, and a lot more creative than regular solitaire! 
Amazon- Whenever I'm bored, I go on Amazon. I also look for prices for books I need for school, it's really useful because sometimes you can get books for $4, other wise I go on, abebooks, or HPB, I like to shop around!
Polyvore- I've been on Polyvore since 6th grade. I don't usually have time to create sets anymore, but I do like to go on it from time to time @riya
Rdio- This is an internet radio. It's pretty cool, I have a 3 month free subscription, so I have that right now, otherwise I usually use the app Jango. And now on the new iTunes you can get Itunes Radio, which is pretty useful too! 
Wallpapers- My favorite wallpapers app, they're all HD, and if you download them in full, I can use them on my laptop, phone and iPad!
Falldown 2- This is a pretty fun game, I used to play it a lot in the summer, but it's definitely been replaced by Fairway.
Campus Portal- This is where all of my grades are.
Dictionary- I use this mainly for english homework.
Quizlet- I make all of my flashcards on here for Spanish 4 and APUSH (Advanced Placement United States History). This way I can study them where every I am, and other people can use them too.
Calculator- This app is super cool because you write out what you want to calculate & then it does it for you!
Translate- For Spanish, whenever I'm stuck on something. I wouldn't recomend this app for when you're actually writing sentances, it's not always accurate.
Goodreads- I like to look up book reviews on here. I used it when I was picking a book for my research paper. I also use it to keep a track of books I've read! --- Riya Shah
TWC- Because Apple does not have a weather app. 
Schoology- My APUSH teacher posts all the notes, powerpoints, and homework on here. 
Violin MT- This is an violin tuner for my violin. My violin tuner actually broke, so I use this when I'm not sure.
Blogger- I use this to sometimes write out blogs or the outlines. Pictures are hard on this app, so I can't really use it a lot. But I can publish on here, which is nice, because it helps me stay on schedule better.
Xfinity player- We do have Xfinity, so some shows, I just watch on there, however I don't use it a lot. 
Jelly Splash- This is a new game I've downloaded, my friend is absolutely obsessed, but it's very limited because you have to wait for lives, or buy them.
Scarecrow- If you finish all the levels you can get a coupon for buy 1 get 1 free at Chipotle!
In the Physics folder- 
Braingenie- This is where most of my homework is for Physics. It's a web link.
S2S Mechanics- This has extra practice problems.
CoachMVideo- This is cool, because you can take a video, and then break it down, so it helps to do position vs time graphs.
Scratch Quiz- This is an online whole classroom questions thing that my teacher uses.
CamScanner- I have no idea what this is, my teacher asked us to download it, so I did, hence why it still has the new tag on it! 

Wallpaper in the background! Enjoy!

COMMENT!!! If you have any questions about the apps on here let me know, or if you have an iPad, let me know what you have on there! Any apps I should download? I can also do an What's on My iPhone post as well, just let me know!

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