Friday, October 25, 2013

5 ways to spice up your fall decor!

I love adding fall decor to my room, but it can be difficult, I don't ever want to put too much! Here are just some ideas, these are little changes that can be as subtle as you choose!

1) Comfy, warm colored blankets and white pillows. This gives the room a warmer vibe, and the cozy blanket is perfect since it does get cooler! You can make it yourself using fleece or there are so many places to buy nice blankets.
2) Fake leaves! Go to Michaels and buy some fake leaves. I put some on my window or my desk with my iMac. Choose one place, it gives it such a nice fall look.
3) Candles! I love buying candles, a lot of time fall candles can get too strong. But they're especially nice for decor because they give a nice little touch!
4) Halloween! It's a slippery slope, maybe a skull, some candy, spiders on the wall. Keep it simple, halloween is only one day!
5) Just decor items! I have an acorn in my room, I love having it because it funky and creative. For example a jar with fake pumpkins. Just go to the dollar store and pick things out! I've found cute random things there, as well as thrift stores.

My suggestion is to keep it simple, you don't want to add too much fall either!

5 ways to spice up your fall decor

5 ways to spice up your fall decor by riya featuring a faux fur throw pillow

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