Friday, October 18, 2013

Top 10 Fall Fashion Must Haves

I love fall! It's definitely my favorite season. I love the sweaters, leggings, scarves & of course it being the season of my birthday! These are my top 10 fall must haves!
Fall Fashion Must Haves

Fall Fashion Must Haves by riya featuring short boots

1) Chunky cardigan sweaters! These are awesome because you can just throw them on on a lazy day that you want to look good as well. I just style them with leggings & a scarf, and of course a top bun!
2) Leather jackets! This piece looks chic & keeps you warm. It's a staple, and very versatile. You can wear leather jackets with jeans, skirts, or even dresses!
3) I actually have this sweater, and I absolutely love it! It's loose, but it fits nicely and is very comfy. I've gotten a lot of complements on it every time I wear it!
4) Leggings! I can see all of you rolling your eyes at me. But in the fall, I wear leggings with EVERYTHING, so I had to put it in there.
5) Skater dress! I love a simple skater dress to wear with cardigans, leather jackets, patterned leggings, you know, the works! They've gotten super popular this year. But the best part about skater dresses is they look so good, but they look very, very simple.
6) Skater skirt/fall colored skirt. I find myself needing to be dressed up quite a lot in the fall. I love buying simple skirts instead of dresses, because you can change up the tops and give it a completely different look in the same season.
7) Scarves! I love darker color in my scarves. It really pulls the look together, and is weather appropriate.
8) Ankle boots. I like ankle boots because they look so chic. You also have so many options depending on what you like. I love boots with buckles specifically, and a nice heel can be perfect in the fall because it's not slippery out year!
9) A large tan bag. Tan bags work all year around, but in the fall especially, it's a staple color that really looks good with fall outfits!
10) Simple rings! This is just an example, the buckle rings by MK. I love simple rings because you can't really wear bracelets with the longer sleeves. I'm not a big fan of statement rings for an everyday thing. I also like to wear my simple ring, which is my moms old ring, on my pinky everyday! It's a very easy touch that can be your signature touch. I recommend eventually investing in a good quality ring at some point.

Yes I used the word "simple" a lot in todays post. But that's what I love about fall! You can wear simple pieces, but still look stylish.

Have a wonderful rest of your friday! COMMENT below with your fashion fall must-haves! What do you reach for everyday!
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