Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ways to wear demin

Lets face it, denim is one of the most worn clothing. We incorporate denim in everyday clothing and it's one of those comfy clothes!

There's also various ways to wear denim.

We can start with Jeans:

~Bell Bottoms
~Straight leg
~Boot Cut
~Super skinny

It's all about finding the style that fits you, and looks best on you! It's often good to try pairs even if you don't think they'll look good on you.

I love getting a cute light thin denim shirt to wear with leggings! Add a cute belt and wedges and it's the perfect spring and summer outfit!

Denim Vests and Jackets make any simple outfit up, try to find one that's a bit faded!

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  1. Love your focus on Polyvore for this blog! Best wishes ;)