Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Prom or just Plain Princess Dresses

Well, as an 8th grader, and the oldest child, my knowledge about Prom limits to movies, songs and Rebecca Black... haha.

All joking aside, prom dresses are just so beautiful. They make you feel like a princess no matter which type of dress you choose.

My advice is to choose a dress that reflects your personality and choose colors that make you face glow. Sparkles, studs, lace, you know, the works.

For you guys I've gathered up my most recent sets with perfect prom dresses:

I love this one, it's short, but you'd feel so special, the lace is in style!

This is a dress that is so pretty, it's intricate and lavender is such a beautiful color!

Silky, has a bow, what more can you expect.

This is my favorite. It's such a beautiful dress, unique, but not too showy!

Here's some other sets below:


You can probably tell that I don't know much... but I really hope that you all that are in high school find the perfect dress!

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