Friday, August 16, 2013

What's In My Week Roadtrip Make-Up Bag

These are the items I would take to a road trip for a week! I love these products and recommend them to everyone!

Everyday Items: 
1) Lotion!!! I have here a travel sized version of Be Enchanted lotion by Bath and Body Works. This is my favorite scent ever by B&BW.
2) Eyedrops- Whenever I wear my contacts for an extended time, my eyes tend to get really dry, these eye drops work great.
3) Spray hand sanitizer- This works so well because it's not that messy, and it's very easy to use!

4) Got 2B Styling Oil- This is my holy grail hair product. This is an oil, so a little goes a long way. I have a travel sized bottle from a promotional period they had. I love taking it with me when i go somewhere, because whenever I feel my hair getting too frizzy, this just flattens it a little more, defines the curls, and adds shine!
5) Burt's Bees lip balm- This is my favorite lip balm, so I love using it, whenever I can get it on sale!
6) A little hair clip- This one I cannot link, because it's the only one I have, & I have not been able to find any replacement, but I love this size, and I have very crazy hair, so this is a big must have for when I just want my hair out of my face, but I still want it down!
7) Mini white shoulders perfume- I love this perfume, it's mature, but not too much, it just works for us!
8) ELF blotting sheets- These are just oil absorbing sheets, they work pretty okay, don't take off the makeup, and for a dollar, these work super well!
9) Floss- I know this is embarrassing, but I always have floss with me, I hate having something stuck in my teeth, and you can't imagine the difference a little floss can do to your smile!
10) A first aid ointment- I get hurt a lot. So I have this with me recently, just so the wound doesn't get infected, I'm not going to link this either, because I have absolutely no idea where this is from!
11) Tjing Liang Yu balm- I love this balm for when my head hurts a lot!
12) Nail clipper/filer.
Big Makeup Bag:
1) The black profusion bag in the bag holds cotton balls!
2) Neutrogena oil free face wash- I love this stuff, it's good because it doesn't dry out my skin!
3) Secret Deodorant- It's a gel deodorant, I really like this, because I feel like I can control it, and it won't break. It's not perfect, but I like it!
4) Herbal Essences Smoothing Serum- This is for wet hair, so it's perfect for when you're on the go! I love to use it as a mousse, but mousse is just way to big to carry! So this is nice to have because it give shine and curl!
5) Body spray & Shower gel- Makes me smell good!
6) The black container contains Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser- I use to remove my eye make up.
7) Ponds mini bottle contains my Neutrogena Moisturizer- I love this moisturizer, it works great & it's too heavy on my skin!
8) The two Tresemme bottles contain my own shampoo & conditioner, I love these bottles because I can actually squeeze out the shampoo & conditioner!  
Make-up bag

1) This is the Lancome palette in Taupe craze. I love using this for everyday looks. It's nice cause there's a matte brown shade as well. It's good for everyday looks, as well as night looks. The only thing is that the shimmer all over lid shade isn't very long lasting, so it's a must to put on a primer with this.
 2) Wet N Wild Blush in Mellow Wine-  Love, love, love this blush. It's pigmented, lasts long, and is super duper cheap.
3) The Covergirl Professional mascara in clear- I like using this with my eyebrow filler! It sets it and looks great! That pencil is from Germany I believe!
4) Eyeliners- I have just a couple of brown and black eyeliners, as well as my Jordana fabu-liner.
5) Soo, I know I'm a bit crazy for having 4 mascaras... but what can I say, I just love them!
I can do a whole mascara routine, but I basically use The Color Workshop Extra Length Mascara first it separates really well, then I use the Great lash , I do not like this at all alone, but it works super well with the Benefit They're Real. I also use the ELF mascara, non waterproof on my lower lashes.
6) Loreal True Match Concealer- Concealer for my undereyes.
7) L'oreal True Match Crayon Corrector- I like using the dark shade all over my face, well where ever there are blemishes. And I use the lighter shade as a primer or highlighter!
8) Benefit Watts Up- Best highlighter there is!
 9) Loreal true match powder- I love using this straight over my concealer, it makes my makeup look so natural, and light yet flawless!
10) ELF tinted moisturizer- This is so great because it has SPF, & the color is perfect on my skin tone!
11) Maybelline colorsensational lipstain in touch of toffee. It's my lip color but better!
12) ELF Tinted lip balm- It's in Rose, it has SPF 15, it's just beautiful!
13) Covergirl Wetslicks Amazemint in Tickled Pink- I love this lip gloss, it's not sticky, but it's got great color pay off!

I brought brushes from the Real Techniques Core & Starter collections. A couple of eye shadow brushes, and the Ecotools eyeshadow brush! I'm going to be doing a brush collection soon, so for now I'm just going to leave it as that.

I hope this was helpful! Thank you for reading! Be sure to comment, share and react!

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