Friday, December 23, 2011

Pretty Little Liars Bracelet

Do you love Pretty Little Liars? The mystery of who A is? I've been obsessed with the infamous PLL bracelets! They are so cute and chic!

If you didn't already know, you can purchase the PLL bracelets here:
Each of the bracelets are hand stitched by Alison Merritt, using these super small japanese beads and each bracelet takes over 4 hours to make. You can see by the perfection of these adorable bracelets, that they take a lot of time and effort to create. Unfortunately there is a waiting list for about 6-7 weeks, so if you were planning on buying it for Christmas, you cannot (I of course specified in my wish list that it doesn't have to arrive my Christmas, I don't mind waiting), but it's the perfect gift for the ultimate PLL fan.
I had the extreme please of asking Alison Merritt a couple of questions. As I was talking to her on Twitter, I realized how sweet of a person she is, and agreed to answering a couple of questions for me!

 1) How long did you have the PLL bracelets before they got discovered?
I have been making this type of Bracelet for over 25 years.
 2) Who discovered the PLL bracelets on the set?

The Prop Master discovered and ordered the Bracelets for the show.
 3) Who is your favorite PLL?

My favorite PLL is Hanna...I was much like her growing up.
 4) Did you read the PLL books first? Or watch show?

 I watched the show first, then read the books...I'm totally hooked on both..Sara cannot write the books fast enough!
5) You stated on your website that it takes about 4 hours to make one
 bracelet, how much time do you spend on the bracelets on a daily basis?

I spend around 10 hours a day working on the bracelets...not continually, but throughout the day.
6) I saw on your Twitter feed that you have a daughter? Is she a PLL fan
 like you?

 My 14 yr old Daughter Paige is a major PLL Fan.  We always watch the show together and have never missed an episode.  We enjoy discussing everything after the show and even DVR them so we can watch them over to make sure we didn't miss a single clue :)
 7) Have you ever been to the set of PLL?

Sadly, I have not yet been to the set of PLL...I would very much love to one day and would absolutely love to meet Marlene King, the creator of the show. She is an amazingly talented woman.
 8) We all know the PLL is a series that has made it's mark on history.

What is your favorite part of being such a monumental part of PLL?
 My favorite part of creating the PLL bracelets is the joy that they bring to the gives me chills just to think about it. AND I love when I see the Bracelets on tv :)

 9) The PLL bracelets are a signature item for the fans but have you made
 PLL bracelets for any of the cast members it self? If so, who?

I have not knowingly, however some of the fans have ordered bracelets for names of Lucy and Ashely with the intentions of sending them to the actresses. Now that is a dedicated fan! :)
 10) PLL is an international show now, around how many countries have you
 sold the PLL bracelets in?

 I have shipped PLL Bracelets all over the world, it's amazing and wonderful how far spread the show and fans go. I have shipped to over 20 different countries. I just recently sent a PLL Bracelet to Iceland and El Salvador. My local post office loves when I come in, they can't wait to see what countries I'm shipping too next. :)
 11) Because of the hold up, we know that you sell a crazy amount of
bracelets, around how many do you think you've sold?

I can't give an exact number since I have lost  I would be safe to say over 1000 PLL Bracelets have been created since the show began and I hope to create many more with Season 3 on the horizon :)

I would like to add how much I enjoy being a part of Pretty Little Liars, even if it's behind the scenes. I have always loved to create, it brings me much joy and satisfaction. My favorite part is the love and gratitude I receive from the fans. The Pretty Little Liars Family is an awesome family, thank you.

Not only does Alison Merritt make the bracelets, she also makes (All three inspired by PLL)
I Love PLL Barrett 
An Owl Pendant 
(Like the one Jenna was wearing, so gorgeous)
A PLL Charm Bracelet- All of the charms are silver plated, and mean different things! 
Owl = Jenna's Flashdrive Necklace
Cell Phone = Texts from "A"
Gloves = "A" Gloves
Sunglasses = Jenna's
Miniature Pretty Little Liars Bracelet = Says "PLL"
Friends with AB Crystal Center = Alison, Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer
A = "A"
Diary with 5 Vintage Swarovski Crystals = Alison's book of Secrets
Shovel = Used to take Ali out
Pumpkin = Halloween = First Secret, when it all began
Boot = Dr. Sullivan
Heart Shaped Lock and Key = Got a secret can you keep it?
Apple = Teacher = Ezra

PLL Bracelets

So if you're a PLL fan, and you haven't already ordered something, go over to her website
 and buy yourself the perfect Christmas present!

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