Friday, November 4, 2011

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Ways to look cute this fall!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons! It's so cute and sweet and it is by far my favorite way to dress! 

Living in Chicago, I know that it gets really cold outside, and sometimes it's hard to find the perfect look! 

1) A green tunic with jeans and a blazer. This outfit is a great mix of casual and formal. That blazer and jeans add the warmness needed for a fall outfit. My favorite part is the pink bag, I love how it works so much with the green!
Forever & Always

2) Oversized cardigans, they are so comfy and cute! I like to pair mine with a cute dress and a statement necklace! This outfit is so girly and perfect for a dress up day in school! If it gets really cold, you can always add like tights, or play it up with textured tights with stripes or hearts!


Style by riya featuring antique belts

3) This is my outfit! like literally the outfit that you can see me rockin throughout the week! I have a pair of simple jeans that aren't super skinny, yet don't have a huge opening on the bottom. For the top, i love the stripped top and a scarf! This season I'm all about the scarfs; plain solid ones and printed ones! I'm also choosing cute Sperry's because they're look so clean and work really nicely with the outfit! It's a perfect school outfit that you can wear on a daily basis! Don't you just love the addition of the chandelier earrings? I love how they spice up the outfit, but not too much :) You don't even have to buy your own pair, I like to use my moms because she has so many cute ones that work so nicely!

 Makeover for my mom :)

3) This is a trend that I love to wear at the mall with a few friends! It's one thats a bit harder to pull off... and that is pants with pleats! They are so cute and with a  comfy sweater, it's perfect! Remember, although it seems that shopping at a thrift store is lame, I love going there because they have so many choices, and since sweaters are a classic, you can find branded, cute, things that is really cheap!

My mom

4) You never think of fall as a season that you can have a lot of color in! But I think a little bit of color can always look good! That's why I like to go for some cute green, skinny cargos with a bright tank and a scarf! of course I never forget to add a fitted cardigan! For this outfit, I've gone for bright lace-ups, however, you can always substitute them for regular boots, like UGGS.
Trend Reports

5) My 5th and final outfit, is a simple classic. Its a mix of chic, simple and cute! We're pairing a simple pair of skinny jeans with a light cardigan and a tank top! I never forget to add a jacket for outfits because it's always so cold! You may have noticed that I've chosen flats for this outfit! While boots are completely fine, i want to show you that you can always go for outfits without boots in the fall too!
A Quiet Comfy Day

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