Sunday, October 23, 2011

Crafts Giveaway from

Alright, so as many of you know, I love doing crafts and putting things together... that's why, recently i've been into DIY tutorials for things on Youtube... Recently I found this you tuber named smscrapper. Her videos are amazing and she has a BLOG!!!! 

I didn't actually go to her blog until her giveaway was announced... and it's amazing!!! So I'm encouraging all of you to check it out:

But the reason I made this post is to talk about her giveaway. If any of you are interested in winning craft materials than it's perfect for you.

There will be 2 winners. But both of the prizes are amazing, and there is seriously a lot of stuff you can win. I'm pretty sure the first prize has over 30 things!!! It's also really simple, and all you have to do is write a comment to win!!! Hurry up and go on to this link Because the giveaway ends on October 26th at midnight!!!

Stay tuned for my video as well!!!

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