Saturday, January 22, 2011

Styling Stripes

To many people, they dislike wearing stripes because it doesn't look good on them! My grandfather always tells me that wearing horizontal stripes makes you looks fatter & vertical stripes taller.
Many people believe that, or just avoid wearing stripes, it can be hard to style, for some people. But very easy for others!
But as long as you follow this one rule, stripes will look great!

Wear stripes with plain items.

& So what does that mean?
Well look below & browse through the sets below.

Do you see how the first one is so simple! When worn outside, it would be a normal everyday outfit, an outfit that doesn't look like it's taken a long time to style. In a sense, very plain.
How about the second one? Completely opposite right? This outfit could be worn at a party. Keep looking through the sets & try to think wear this outfit could be worn, & how with a few changes could be worn somewhere else!
Also look for fashion forward sets & sets that you think are just blah!
You'll see that stripes is one of the one styles that is so easy to wear & very multipurpose.

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