Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Wish list

My Wish list
My Wish list by BooYahIt'sRiya on

1. I love this bag. The color of the bag, which like dark faded purple is my favorite, I love the braids that go around the top and it’s a messenger bag so I was pretty much sold when I first saw it! I’ve been waiting for the Holidays so that I could ask for it and I really hope I get it!
2. The fourth thing I choose is the boots from Piperlime, I love the bow and it’s slouchy look, but unfortunately, I don’t have a Piperlime around me!
3. I love the little butterflies on this ring, and I've been looking for a cute, ring that I can wear everyday, and I've been really attracted to the set of threes, I saw this ring during one of the Nordstorm contests and I really like it!
4. This is a sweater from Delia’s. I love the blue color and the floral LOVE print and the tight waist! I’ve been waiting for this as well because it’s comfy and sweaters are just a must have for the winter!
5. I choose the Urban Decay Naked make-up palette because I have a lot of pop out colors, but not a lot of everyday colors and I’ve head a lot of good things about Urban Decay and their Naked palette has a lot of skin tone colors but it has pink tones as well and the mixture of them would look really nice on me with the browns.
6. I have a Vera Bradley bag already and I love it! It keeps everything organized and it's a great bag to have! I saw this bag when I was answering some questions and instantly got attracted! I love bags with long handles. The bag that I have is a lighter shade of pink and pops out more, so I really like this dark pink shade and the big vibrant colors!

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