Friday, April 10, 2015

Influenster Campus VoxBox Items Review

I had the amazing opportunity to review items sent to me from Influenster for the Campus Voxbox. It was filled with goodies and essentials for spring/summer!

Sour Patch Candy! Such a throw back! The straws are a classic, my favorite is the yellow one! I also loved the Punchies, they're new but they less messy but still chewy! My brothers and I had an awesome time munching on these while we watched a movie! 

The L'Oreal hair care system was a really nice treat! I have pretty crazy curly hair, and this calmed it down a bit and just smoothed it out! Really nice if you straighten your hair often, it would make it easier. I probably won't repurchase this however because I like my curls more defined and I don't straighten my hair that often.

I have received the Soft lips cube before from Influenster and I love it. It's a cube so it fits better in my makeup bag verses the EOS eggs,  however I still find it bulky. Love the formula, so it's something I keep by my bedside, but it takes up way too much space in my tiny makeup bag!

I have never tried any kind of self-tanner. I'm Indian, so my skin already has a natural tan to it. I really liked this formula because it gave my skin a bit of a glow. It was nice and looked more sun kissed and healthy! 

Last but not least, the St. Ives face scrub. I have tried this before and it's amazing. Apricot is a bit harsh for your skin from what I've heard, but I think this scrub is perfect for once a week! I really, really like it and my skin always feels so fresh after I use it! 

Overall loved these products. They're a nice treat for the spring/summer and a great snacks for study breaks! 


I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes, however, all opinions are my own. 

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