Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring & Summer 2012

The weather is FINALLY brightening up, and it's time for my official seasonal trends post! I'm sorry I haven't been posting in a while, but I've made it a goal to do at least 2 posts every week now!

I've gathered a few of my recent sets that showcase some of my favorite trends for this year!

1) Hats. I personally never thought I'd be able to pull off a hat, it just wasn't my thing. But last weekend I was at the mall, and every single store I went to had a collection of different hats, especially fedoras, my favorite? The cheetah print one from Love Couture, extremely chic and totally my style. But what surprised me the most, is that it looked extremely well on me, and actually worked with a lot of the other outfits I had planned for this next two seasons!


2) Color-blocking. I've been doing some intense color-blocking since last year, when it really started coming back on the runways. But in my school, everyone thought I was crazy. This year? Everyone's doing it!! I love the way it brightens up your day, look at the outfit below, it's 4 different colors, but can you not see someone wearing that, and looking extremely awesome?

Strut that color

3) Jean Jackets. Whoa there, I haven't worn my jean jacket & shirt since like the 90's or the beginning the 2000's. But somehow, I feel so comfortable with them now, and instead of picking from my assortment of cardigans, I chose to tone the outfit down a bit with a Jean Jacket. Look below, a bright red dress, yellow wedges, and a orange/tan bag.... kinda seems crazy. But it works, cause it's Spring & Summer 2012!!!
Nine West

4) Colored Jeans. This is one of my favorite trends because there is so many different ways to wear it. You can choose to go for light colors like mint and baby pink or bright ones like red, purple and blue! It fits so many different personalities and looks really bright and pretty no matter what you choose. The best part is, that they're everywhere, you can go for something for less than $25  from Target, or something for $40 from Delias, it just depends on how often you're going to wear them. Personally, I would get some from Target first, especially if you're not sure!

Shine Out

5) High-Low. We first started seeing this trend last year in maxi skirts mainly. But then this winter, we started seeing it in oversized sweaters (which I adore, so comfy!!!), and now, it's in everything. You can get tops, dresses, and skirts, all high-low, they look so runway ready, but work for everyday style too :) Go for something that's bright and colorful!

Over all, I love how this years trends, mixes the soft pastel colors with bright, sometimes neon colors, it really brighten ups my day, and I look forward to dressing up in the morning. A huge tip for this season is to dig through your old clothes (or your mothers closet), and see what you can find before going out and buy stuff! It'll save you tons of $$$$ and it will look super unique, no one will be able to come up to you and say, you got that from Forever 21 right?

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