Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pretty In Pastel {Or Any Soft Colors}

Spring is arriving, and the soft pastel colors are back, but now, it's your time to make a decision, and this decision may change someones opinion about you completely...
The colors we wear, the styles we choose, make people make judgements about you, and who you are.
Below I have some amazing examples that show you different ways and styles to wear these pretty soft colors this spring, and how to make them fit your style!

1) This one is perfect for a party, you can wear the dress so many ways, but in this case, taking the tough leather jacket lets people know that you can take care of your self, and the belt shows that you are confident about you body.

2) As warm as spring can get, compared to the winter at least, spring can still be chilly, and when your wearing a dress, finding the right coat is a big essential. The dress gives you a romantic look and is perfect for a date, and the coat, is the kind you take off, so that way it doesn't block your neckline!

3) This next look is for all your fur girls who are sick and tired of using the same prints over and over again. This outfits colors are all soft, but by no means is a soft outfit.

4) This next set is one of my favorites! The dress is filled with color {of course that's what spring is all about}, but the rest of the outfit is more calm. It's filled with pastel colored clothes that you can wear at work, or just about anywhere!

5) Now this one, is another perfect spring one! It's got that lovely purple dress, that brightens up everyones day, but is toned down with white and pastel!

6) We can't really forget about floral prints... now can we? This trend is still here this year, and bigger than ever! You can get stuff with floral in just about every store, for just about anything... {Like shoes, jewelry, LEGGINGS???}

7) A perfect example! That dress is perfect for a ball {maybe a dance}, those shoes are just to die for, and totally scream SPRING!

8) This final one is my favorite! The dress is filled with colorful flowers, and the blazer is a very soft pink. All in all, you can turn heads where ever you go wearing this!

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