Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Straightening your hair!

It's always fun to try something new with your hair. Many people opt. to start their hairstyle by straightening their hair.

Of course the whole process can take around 20-60 minutes, depending on how experienced you are & your hair type!

What you'll need:
A Straightening Iron
Hair Milk (optional)
Heat Protectant spray (optional but recommended)

Before straightening you hair:
Apply some hair milk in you hair- this is optional but it makes your hair smooth & soft without giving it a greasy look. I use this hair milk: 

Just for Me! Soft & Beautiful Hair Milk Straightening Mist 10oz.

You can use this spray whenever you want & it works great!

The next step would be to use a heat protectant spray, again this is optional but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The heat from the iron will damage your hair, but this spray will help make it better!

I use the 

Got2b Guardian Angel Heat Protect N' Flatten Flat Iron Balm

It works great & gives your hair a gloss finish!

The next step is to comb through your hair & get rid of all the knots, make sure to turn on your straightener when you do this to get it heated up.

I put my straightener on 400, because my hair if very wild & curly. 

When you're straightening your hair:

Straighten it in partitions and go slowly, this will result in straighter hair that looks better!

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